T.A. Ward



"Children of Wrath is a powerful story, and terrifyingly realistic. Every so often the reader will have the urge to consider if this was their life, if this was their future, if this was the world we lived in. Children of Wrath is a novel that you won’t want to put down. Page after page it beckons the reader to get to the end. Just to see how things end. I deeply recommend this novel to everyone! It may have worked its way onto my favorite novels list. It definitely is one of my most beloved Thriller novels (gross scenes and all)."

- The Love of a Bibliophile

"T.A. Ward does something that is very difficult to do in a good thriller which is to create profound and well developed characters. Writers of thrillers often have a difficult time balancing the development of a character and at the same time keep the story exciting and thrilling. Ward does both by confronting her characters with emotionally charged situations which forces them to make excruciatingly difficult choices. If I had to stand in Ethan King’s shoes, I am not sure what I would do. You could almost feel the agony that King is going through in making the decisions that he needed to make which made for a ‘sitting on the edge of your seat’ story. I give T.A. Ward two thumbs up on her new series and I look forward to the release of the third novel in the series, Victors of Liberty, expected to be released in December of 2018."

- A Thrill A Week

"There was no “waiting for the story to pick up” with Children of Wrath. T.A. Ward had me hooked from the very first moments of the story... I found myself questioning what it means to be human, what it means to be humane, what kinds of moral obligations we have to other living beings if it is ethical or moral to cause harm or pain to some in order to protect the masses."

-Brian's Book Blog

"This story had me from the very first page and I found it difficult to put the book down as I wanted to know what was going to happen after every event that occurred."

-Cup of Books