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Children of Wrath | Dec 25, 2017

Five years after working triage during America’s terrible Day of Destruction, Philadelphian Dr. Ethan King wants nothing more for himself and his wife than a normal life. In the aftermath, however, life is anything but normal. The mysterious nerve gas unleashed during the nationwide terrorist attack has left its disturbing mark among the millions of victims, namely brain abnormalities in unborn children. These children, dubbed Inexorables, live up to their name: they are ruthlessly violent, irrepressibly psychopathic—and incurable. They kill without thought or remorse, and inflict torment on their victims with childish glee. 

In his pursuit of a normal, peaceful life, Ethan tries as best he can to put these grim realities to the back of his mind. But one cold night, when he comes face to face with an abandoned Inexorable freezing to death in the snow, he must make a choice that could cost him everything, and unravel a thread of dark woven secrets. As he races to find a cure for whatever is creating a generation of doomed children, Ethan discovers that doing the right thing in an evil world is never as clear and easy as it seems.

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We Are But Dust | May 4, 2018

What begins as an ordinary day for Grace Winters quickly turns to horror when her plane for a company retreat crashes somewhere in the North Atlantic Sea. The following days become a test of survival for her and her co-workers, and threaten to expose their true character. 

Complicated by Grace's ongoing health struggles, the burden of surviving until help arrives rests heavier upon her shoulders. We Are but Dust thrusts you into a world of chaos, and leaves you stirring with questions.

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Soldiers of Salem | Apr 9, 2018

It's been twelve years since the events of Children of Wrath and now seventeen year old A.K. (Arthur King) finds himself thrust into the revolutionary movement begun by his father. A.K. wrestles with his own dark thoughts and his newfound responsibilities as he finds himself enthralled with an Inexorable night club and the young woman he's seen there. Charming familiar characters and inspiring new ones meet in this story which questions the validity of self-determination, the power of love, and the breaking point of human resolve.

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Victors of Liberty | May 3, 2019

In a world blighted by Obcasus gas, no war is fair. 

The United States has been plunged into a moral darkness unmatched in its entire history. When totalitarian President Bryan Powell issues a universal death penalty for all living Inexorables, war or surrender become the only choices for the cohort struggling to topple his regime. Even worse, A.K., the symbol of hope for the rebellion and the world’s first cured Inexorable, begins to buckle under the dark and deadly burdens of war when his comrades need him most. Darkness lurks just as much inside of A.K.'s own mind as it does in the outside world. If the cohort has any hope of survival and A.K. has any chance of winning the war his father began, sacrifices must be made, lies must be told, and betrayals must be confronted head-on. Victors of Liberty is the final book in the Children of Wrath Trilogy.


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The Minister Must Live

“Ella Reed was the sixth most popular actress in the United States, and she was hiding fugitives on her property.”

This short novel is Dystopian literary fiction, set in United States during a brutal persecution of Christianity.

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